The power of article discovery packages

Interactive, concise content and targeted research

Why article discovery packages work

Your research findings should be seen by the right people, so they understand the critical outcomes of your research. We understand the selection and adoption of your products and solutions depend on it.

To help you with this, we recommend our Article Discovery Packages. A bespoke mix of digital solutions that help boost discoverability, audience engagement and understanding of your research. We work with your team to curate the appropriate tactics to ensure your research is reaching the right audience.

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Our discovery packages help you:

  • Engage busy professionals by making relevant key articles available to them in summarized or easy-to-consume formats
  • Boost discoverability by offering free access to your article
  • Ensure it reaches the right audience through Wiley-led marketing tactics
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Our digital content solutions

Whether you’ve managed the publication of an article or are looking to educate healthcare professionals about your product, Article Discovery Packages help to raise awareness, engagement and understanding of key articles published by us.

Healthcare professionals refer to the content published by independent journals like ours to educate themselves and take informed clinical decisions. Make sure you leverage original and trusted content, in formats that engage, through credible sources.

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What is an article discovery package?

Our Article Discovery Packages offer content enhancement solutions (e.g. videos, infographics, etc.) placed alongside your article to boost discoverability, engagement and understanding of the key outcomes of your research. This, combined with Wiley-led promotional activities, helps to increase the impact of your research on your target audience.

What are enhanced content formats?

Content enhancements are interactive, concise, easy-to-consume contents formats that present the full or key takeways from the article. They drive engagement and increase the impact of the full article.

  • Infographics: A visual of the key findings of your paper
  • Video abstracts: Animations summarizing the key findings of your paper. Peer review is an option.
  • Expert commentaries: Short video of an expert or author speaking about your paper (approximately 10 minutes)
  • Wiley Audio: A word-for-word read out of your article made available on the Wiley Audio app
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What type of promotion will we run for you?

Our Wiley Online Library is the go-to information source for professionals around the world. Your target audience are active users of our content. Having your content enhancements available directly within the article, or on a separate page within our library, will automatically benefit from our high traffic and discoverability.

Additionally, our marketing team will deploy a customized email to your target audience informing them about the article enhancement. Extended reach packages (including paid media) are also available as part of a premium offering.

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