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Article Discovery Package

Article Discovery Package

After significant investments in research, you want to increase the impact of your published article with your target audience. Wiley’s Article Discovery Packages help to boost engagement with and understanding of your research through digital article enhancement solutions associated with unique Wiley-led promotional activities.


Choose the enhancements that will make your published research more discoverable, engaging, and understandable to targeted audiences with Wiley’s Article Discovery Packages.

  • Relevant, interactive, easy to digest content formats positioned in or alongside your research
  • Easy discovery of the content thanks to search engine optimization and Wiley-led marketing tactics
  • Free access for your customers to exclusive peer-reviewed content in an enhanced, unique format
  • Measure the impact of your article in academic conversations and on relevant platforms through citations numbers, Altmetric scores and social media metrics
  • Increase visibility of your brand through display of your logo and sponsorship information on a dedicated page accessible directly from the article

Digital article enhancements may include:

Video Icon
Video abstracts

Animations summarizing the key findings of your paper. Peer review is an option.

Infographics Icon

Provide a visual summary of the key findings of your paper.

Podcast Icon

Audio or series of audios of a KOL or author speaking about your paper.

KOL Interview Icon
KOL Interviews

Short video of a key opinion leader or author speaking about your paper (approx. 10 mins).

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