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Article Reprints

Article Reprint

In a content-loaded environment, it is critical to strategically elevate your message’s impact and credibility. Original, authoritative content, associated with the prestige of the journal, boosts credibility and impact of your message. Use article reprints and eprints to promote your message to targeted customers.


Whether you choose to reprint an abstract, a single article or collection of articles with a corresponding cover, you'll benefit from content that supports your brand and messaging.

  • Align your content with prestigious society journals and partners
  • Support your sales and marketing material with our peer reviewed content
  • Showcase your brand with our published printed or digital content
  • Extend your reach with the option to advertise on the back of a reprint to support the article message
  • Boost your website performance with authoritative content provided by experts
  • Extend the international reach of your product, service, or brand through translated reprints
  • Use our accurate and comprehensive translation service to convert reprints into multiple languages
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