5 Reasons to Publish the Proceedings of your Sponsored Symposium with a Medical Journal

28 February 2017
5 Reasons to Publish the Proceedings of your Sponsored Symposium with a Medical Journal

Medical Managers often ask me how to extend the reach of a sponsored symposium beyond the meeting attendees. Their main challenges with capturing content are:

How do you provide it as independent, credible research?

How do you ensure the format is engaging?

How do you make it timely and relevant on an ongoing basis?

A simple solution? A journal supplement. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider it.

1. Independent, peer-reviewed publication

All content published in a journal must be peer-reviewed and accepted by the journal’s Editorial team. This ensures that your content is considered independently of sponsorship or industry affiliation, building trust with your readers and ensuring you remain compliant.

2. Support your Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

Include a publication plan discussion with the Steering Committee and presenters. This is a meaningful way to engage them around the scientific and educational content of the meeting. Medical writing support can be provided to presenters if required. Support your KOLs to publish and generate strong referenceable data for the local setting.

3. Access your Target Audience

Journals are Society and College affiliated publications. Choose a journal that is published on behalf of the relevant local Society. This ensures the publication is distributed to the right target audience and extends the reach beyond the meeting.

4. Provide content in a digital format

All journal content is published online in a digital, mobile optimized format. Publishing with a journal provides an interactive experience for readers. They can link out directly to references or download images to PowerPoint. Digital enhancements such as infographics or video footage can also be incorporated within the online publication. These are submitted for full peer review with the manuscripts.

5. Receive measurable Return on Investment

Papers published with a journal generate usage data such as full text downloads and citation data. This can be provided by the publisher on an ongoing basis. Social media data on how, where and when articles are mentioned in tweets, Facebook posts, blogs or mainstream media, is also available. This provides valuable information about the most popular presentations and what resonated most with your audience. This can shape the hot topics to focus on for your next meeting.

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