The transformation of the Pharma, Publisher and Healthcare Professional (HCP) dynamic

The Pharma-HCP-Publisher ecosystem is one where each stakeholder shares a complex, interdependent relationship with the other. Over the last decade, each party has spent a lot of effort listening to each other to identify mutually beneficial opportunities for a healthy collaboration Under the old perceptions, the rock is the publisher: perceived as slow, who charge […]

The evolution and critical role of peer review in academic publishing

Did you know that the number of peer-reviewed journals has steadily grown by 3.5% per year for over the past three centuries?1 In fact, a rigorous peer review process is considered to be an indication of a journal’s quality, and most journals rely on peer review to ensure that only the best research gets accepted […]

Journal supplements: Salient features, challenges, and future trends

Scholarly journals form the primary source of information on the latest advances in medical knowledge, and supplements form an intrinsic segment of many journal publications. When journals wish to separately publish a collection of papers on a particular topic – such as a specific disease, an unmet need in research, or a treatment method – […]

Maximize Your Study’s Visibility by Choosing the Right Journal

With the growing amount of published medical research, it is increasingly imperative for authors and publication managers to find innovative ways of making their findings known. Savvy publication managers realize that the authors’ target journals can be much more than a static depository for their papers—journals can be valuable partners in helping promote the published […]

The Top 5 Tips for Good Publication Practices

Learnings from the Asia Pacific ISMPP country champion meetings Wiley and the International Society of Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) hosted in November 2016 a series of successful full-day educational workshops across Asia Pacific – Tokyo, Shanghai, and Singapore. Participants from the pharmaceutical industry, medical communication agencies, journals, hospitals and academia; all joined with the same […]