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Microscopy Conference 2019

  • 9月 1 — 9月 5, 2019 at Berlin, Germany
  • The conference will host an extended exhibition, which will bring together manufacturers and suppliers in the field of microscopy. Latest developments and new applications will be highlighted during lunchtime lectures. Interested companies are invited to request information on the sponsoring modalities from the conference organization Conventus.

    Source: Conventus Congressmanagement & Marketing GmbH

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M&M – Microscopy & Microanalysis 2019

  • 8月 4 — 8月 8, 2019 at Oregon, USA
  • Don’t miss out on the premier microscopy education and networking event of the year – Microscopy & Microanalysis 2019 in Portland, Oregon!

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Wiley Research Seminar Japan 2019

  • 7月 28 — 7月 28, 2019 at 東京コンベンションホール
  • ワイリーでは、学術出版業界で現在注目されているトピックに関して専門家の視点から紹介するセミナーを行います。




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MMC 2019

  • 7月 1 — 7月 4, 2019 at Manchester Central, UK
  • Stand No 801
  • Following on from the success of mmc2017, you can expect to see the same large, high quality scientific conference at mmc2019, alongside europe’s largest free exhibition dedicated to microscopy and imaging, bringing with it a unique set of features all enhancing your visit.

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Sicherheitsexpo München

  • 6月 26 — 6月 27, 2019 at Munich, Germany
  • The aim of the Security Expo is to demonstrate security technology that protects companies, private individuals and the public sector from criminal attacks from inside and outside: industrial plants, banks, clinics, transport companies, retailers, railway stations, airports, museums, private and public authorities.

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