We understand the content needs and preferences of our Healthcare audience

We recently surveyed over 1,000 healthcare professionals to help you discover more about their digital behaviour, evolving content needs and preferences.

Are you looking to influence and advise healthcare professionals?

With the latest audience insight into healthcare professionals, we can help you reach, engage, and connect with high-quality opinion leaders at a global or regional level through our enhanced content solutions.

Your message will be seen by millions of high-quality visitors on Wiley Online Library across more than 200 countries.

Create a genuine connection with medical and research communities through Wiley with strategic brand alignment and tailored content solutions.

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Ready to learn more about what healthcare professionals want?

We surveyed over 1,000 healthcare professionals globally, about their content consumption, preferences, and habits to understand how information on the page/screen translates to clinical practice.

Here’s just some of the insight you’ll get from the survey results

  • Why are some sources of content preferred over others?
  • What are the most influential and impactful content formats and why?
  • What platforms are healthcare professionals using to gather information?
  • What obstacles are healthcare professionals facing when they try to find valuable information?
  • Why is some of your valuable insight or information being overlooked or rejected within the clinical decision-making process?
  • What are the expected long-term effects of COVID-19 on professional development, learning, and the way your content is being consumed?

Partner with us to discover and execute strategic solutions that reach, impact and engage your audience.

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