Boost your content strategy and get your brand online quickly to deliver the knowledge your audience values. Our Educational Services offer expert guidance in the planning, creation, and maintenance of a successful and engaging website.


Create a microsite through all the stages of product launch: at pre-launch to highlight a market gap; post-launch to review expert advisory boards or other relevant meetings; and later, to present case reports.

  • Get online quickly
  • Our team can help you identify and match content to your marketing objectives
  • Strengthen brand recognition through Wiley’s strong reputation among professionals
  • Generate qualified leads through multimedia registrations (ie. webcasts)
  • Customize your microsite by look, feel, and content, or rely on proven templates available for design
  • Use multiple content types, including webinars, videos, FAQs, case studies, articles, etc.
  • Select features such as key word search, opinion poll/voting tools, quizzes/surveys, external news feeds, social media integration, advertising positions, website metrics, tabbed content display, pop-up contact forms, feed of microsite content to external sites, and registration page
  • Measure engagement and exposure by utilizing comprehensive web analytics
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