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We help advance scientific analysis and development through trusted scientific publications and data sources. That is why the top brands in science & industry depend on us to reach their audience and drive results. Whether it be lead generation, branding, virtual events, or content solutions, we can help you find the right mix to reach your goals.

Our extensive portfolio of B2B publications and peer-reviewed journals will drive your message to the right audiences.

  • Leverage the latest scientific research from society partners that offer validated channels trusted by science and industry professionals.
  • Extend reach beyond your existing audience for both educational and promotional programs
  • Implement content and engagement strategies for science professionals that are memorable and drive impact

Explore how our solutions can help you reach your objectives:


Ensure impact and visibility of your brand messaging with our high-reach, independent, authoritative channels backed by measurable engagement insights.

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Events and Education

Establish message credibility under the umbrella of our trusted society and B2B publications. Partner with us to execute events and build educational resources to reach and influence your target science professionals.

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  • Knowledge Hubs – Build brand credibility and generate quality scientific leads through unbiased, quality content on a dedicated online portal that showcases your expertise.
  • Virtual Events – Elevate your brand and engage your audiences online through a sponsored or co-branded plenary session – led by scientific leaders in your area of interest.
  • Webinars – Deliver influential learning and education programs on demand – a resource valued by science and industry professionals.


We provide communication solutions that help to quickly and effectively share or publish research and applications on your products with science and industry professionals.

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  • Article Collection – Showcase your thought leadership and connect with your target audience through sponsored articles related to your subject area of choice.
  • Expert Insights – Associate your brand with expert opinions in your field through a custom publication focused on a key technology development.
  • Essential Knowledge Briefings (EKBs) – Expand reach and engagement through co-branded, concise, practical guides on a relevant topic.
  • Wallcharts – Elevate your brand and capture audience interest with sponsored summaries of the latest industry advances.
  • Supplements – Reach key science and industry audiences with special issue publications on a relevant theme.

Create even more impact with amplifiers

Because each project has its unique needs, we offer customized add-on tactics designed to further enhance engagement with your initiative.

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Let’s partner together to drive scientific breakthroughs.

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